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256gb MASSIVE game collection - Raspberry Pi 4 microSD card! Lakka OS and RetroArch

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This uses a 256gb microSD card loaded to the brim with classic games! This will have Lakka OS installed and the front-end will be RetroArch. (This listing is only for the 256gb microSD card that will work on the Pi 4)

This will ONLY work on either the 2GB RAM version of the Raspberry Pi 4 or the 4GB RAM version of the Raspberry Pi 4. It will run on the 1GB RAM version, but the menus will be a little choppy. As for the 8GB RAM Pi 4, it WILL NOT run yet.

Going off this, this will not work on a Pi 3, and it will not work on the Pi 400.

As many games as possible have box art and screen captures, some games do not, but the vast majority do.

Unless otherwise specified, the consoles listed below use a more refined game collection. Everything you are looking for will be here, without all the duplicate games, unlicensed, or and of the 'fluff' games. These are '1g1r' sets.

***The console list and game count is as follows (listed in alphabetical order):

Atari 2600 - 408 Games.

Atari 7800 - 55 Games.

Atari Lynx - 69 Games.

Bandai WonderSwan Color - 23 Games.

Bandai WonderSwan - 34 Games.

Commodore 64 - 1,843 Games (Not a 1g1r set, but refined and cleaned).

DOS - 2,063 Games (Not a 1g1r set, but cleaned and refined. These do not have box art/images).

Arcade - 4,139 Games. (A complete FBNeo 'split' set).

GCE - Vectrex - 22 Games.

Handheld Electronic Games - 59 Games. (Game & Watch)

Magnavox Odyssey 2 - 67 Games.

Mattel Intellivision - 176 Games.

NEC PC-Engine / TurboGrafx 16 - 97 Games.

NEC PC-Engine CD / TurboGrafx CD - 12 Games. (Top rated games, includes three translations)

NEC PC-Engine SuperGrafx - 5 Games.

Nin. Famicom Disk System - 200 Games. (Not a '1G1R' set but cleaned up)

Nin. GameBoy Advance - 1,163 Games.

Nin. GameBoy Color - 578 Games.

Nin. GameBoy - 598 Games.

Nin. 64 - 317 Games (Works well!) Some games still struggle, but the majority are perfectly playable.

Nin. DS - 149 Games (Top rated and the best games. Some lag in and there)

Nin. NES - 853 Games.

Nin. SNES - 859 Games

Nin. VirtualBoy - 14 Games.

Sega 32X - 35 Games.

Sega Dreamcast - 81 Games (Top rated and the best games for the console).

Sega GameGear - 268 Games.

Sega Master System / Mark III - 285 Games.

Sega Mega Drive / Genesis - 841 Games.

Sega Mega-CD / Sega CD - 23 Games (top rated / Best).

Sega SG-1000 - 13 Games.

SNK - Neo Geo Pocket Color - 39 Games.

SNK - Neo Geo Pocket - 6 Games.

Sony PlayStation - 199 Games (top Rated and best).

This will also include a MASSIVE collection of 'rom-hacks' (user / community created games that are based off of pre-existing games). These sets are pretty clean, but there might be duplicates (though I tried cleaning them up).
Sega 32X - 5 Games.

Sega Genesis - 185 Games.

Nin. GBA - 27 Games.

Nin. 64 - 39 Games.

Nin. NES - 1,934 Games.

Nin. SNES - 398 Games.

NES Super Mario Bros. - 251 Games.

NES Tecmo Super Bowl - 1,202 Games.

SNES Super Mario World - 468 Games.