Biggest & Best microSD Card for The Raspberry Pi 4! 256gb with RetroPie 4.7!
256gb Raspberry Pi microSD card - Comic Theme - NES Upgrade
256gb Raspberry Pi microSD card - Comic Theme - SNES Hacks
256gb Raspberry Pi microSD card - Comic Theme - Game Boy
256gb Raspberry Pi microSD card - Comic Theme - Virtual Boy
256gb Raspberry Pi microSD card - Comic Theme - Sega Genesis
256gb Raspberry Pi microSD card - Comic Theme - Atari 2600
256gb Raspberry Pi microSD card - Comic Theme - TurboGrafx 16
256gb Raspberry Pi microSD card - Comic Theme - PC Engine CD
256gb Raspberry Pi microSD card - Comic Theme - Sony PlayStation
256gb Raspberry Pi microSD card - Comic Theme - Daphne Laserdisc
256gb Raspberry Pi microSD card - Comic Theme - Arcade/MAME
256gb Raspberry Pi microSD card - Comic Theme - Neo Geo
256gb Raspberry Pi microSD card - Comic Theme - Capcom Play System
256gb Raspberry Pi microSD card - Comic Theme - Capcom Play System II
256gb Raspberry Pi microSD card - Comic Theme - Capcom Play System III
256gb Raspberry Pi microSD card - Comic Theme - ScummVM
256gb Raspberry Pi microSD card - Comic Theme - Z-Machine
256gb Raspberry Pi microSD card - Comic Theme - Kodi
256gb Raspberry Pi microSD card - Comic Theme - Space Fight
256gb Raspberry Pi microSD card - Comic Theme - Custom Collections
256gb Raspberry Pi microSD card - Comic Theme - All Games
256gb Raspberry Pi microSD card - Comic Theme - All time Favorites

Biggest & Best microSD Card for The Raspberry Pi 4! 256gb with RetroPie 4.7!

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This will ONLY work on the Raspberry Pi 4.

This WILL NOT work on the Raspberry Pi 3, nor will this work on the Pi 400. If you need one for the Raspberry Pi 3, I do have one similar here.

This has RetroPie 4.7 installed and ready to go!

This is the ultimate SD card for the Raspberry Pi 4! It is so sexy you might leave your wife/husband/kids/dog/grandma just to spend more time with this microSD card! This will range from early home console classics, all the way up to the PlayStation 1 and Dreamcast era of gaming. Relive your childhood with all these amazing classic games, or you could even relive somebody else's if you truly feel like it with this SD card! Almost every game has box art, a video, and a description of the game to help you choose what to play.

Honestly, I could go on about this, but just look at the pictures, and see the game list below, and then buy the damn thing already!

For the most part, all of the consoles listed below will use a '1g1r' set, meaning there will only be one rom file per game; if there is a North American, Europe, and Japan version of the same game, only the North American game will be here.

The console list and game count is as follows:

· Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) - 843 - This has a complete North American game set.

· NES Upgraded games - 75 - This is a set of NES games that have been 'fixed' or 'upgraded' in some way. These could be color corrections, controller fixes, general game fixes or bug fixes. A few games here have been altered to resemble their original Japanese version, and a few have been made to resemble their arcade counterparts.

· Nintendo NES Rom Hacks! - 4,870 - User/Community created games. These are generally modeled after a preexisting game that has some form of user created modifications. These modifications (hacks) can range from simple tweaks like the 'NES Upgraded games' to major changes that essentially create a new game. Ever wanted to play as Pikachu in The Legend of Zelda and name your character Samus (lol what?), now you can! This covers almost 400 different games, and for any Tecmo Super Bowl fan, there are over a thousand games here just for TSB!

The Legend of Zelda rom hack (The Legend of Pikachu)

· Famicom (Family Computer) - 1,404 - The 'OG' in terms of Nintendo home consoles. This is the original, Japanese, NES. 352 of these games are translated into English and these can be found in a folder at the bottom of the Famicom game list.

· Famicom Disk System - 247 - A Japanese exclusive console that has Famicom/NES games on disks, somewhat like a 3.5 inch floppy disk. R1 and L1 are how to eject and swap disks respectively.

· Super Nintendo - 838 - In my opinion, this is the crème de la crème. So many great games, this is what I grew up on! Who did 16 bit better, Nintendo or Sega?

· SNES Rom Hacks! - 631 - Same as the NES hacks, but with the SNES. There isn't as wide of a verity as the NES, but there are some good hacks here.

· SMW Rom Hacks! - 622 - Same as above (SNES Rom Hacks), but this is ONLY for the best and more popular Super Mario World rom hacks. Ever tried Kaizo Mario???

· Super Famicom - 1,631 - Much like the Famicom, this is the Japanese SNES game console. Comes with a pretty big set of translated games (183 games to be exact).

· Game Boy - 580 - This might not be as powerful and flashy as its successors, but a true innovator for handheld gaming.

· Game Boy Rom Hacks - 21 - Same as the other rom hack sections. Not as wide of a selection, but some good ones.

· Game Boy Color - 578 - It's a Game Boy, but with color (and completely new games)!

· Game Boy Advance - 1,120 - If the SNES was the crème de la crème, the Game Boy Advance is the crème de la handheld. Everything works well. Due to size restraints, there are only North American released games here.

· Game Boy Advance Rom Hacks - 27 - It's like the Game Boy rom hacks, but more Advance!

Game Boy Advance rom-hack of Pokemon Rijon Adventures

· Nintendo 64 - 315 - The majority are smooth like butter. Some still lag here and there, but this is miles above what the Raspberry Pi 3 can do!

· Nintendo 64 Hacks! -  - Some good, some bad, some are even ugly. I'll let you decide.

· Nintendo DS - 165 - Pretty cool right? Top rated games. A few Japanese games, but the majority are North American released games. There are even a New Super Mario Bros. rom hack. An analog controller is recommended.

· Virtual Boy - 24 - Works well, but still might make your eyes bleed...

· Sega SG-1000 - 68 - Most people don't realize Sega was making consoles and computers prior to the Genesis and Master System. This is one of them.

· SEGA Mark III - 39 - An early version of the Master System.

· SEGA Master System - 248 - A latter version of the Sega Mark III.

· SEGA Genesis - 832 - This is only the North American 'Sega Genesis' games. Just remember, Genesis does what Nintendon't (shouldn't it be Nintendoesn't?)

· SEGA Mega Drive - 384 - Actual Japanese Mega Drive games. Has 31 translated games.

· SEGA Genesis Rom Hacks! - 275 - Much like the other rom hack sections here. This has a lot of Sonic hacks.

· Game Gear - 278 - Works as it should, this includes 10 translations.

· Sega 32X - 38 - Everything works well. There are 33 official games, and five rom hack games.

· Sega CD - 23 - Top rated games for the Sega CD, and one Sonic CD rom hack.

· Sega Dreamcast - 23 - Top rated games. Includes three translations.

· Atari 2600 - 408 - Everything works well. There are a few 'adult orientated' games here so be aware of some very pixely, adult based, bad graphics.

· Atari 7800 - 55 - Everything works well.

· Atari Lynx - 69 - Everything works well.

· PC Engine - 313 - Japanese "TurboGrafx 16" games. Includes 26 awesome translations!

· TurboGrafx 16 - 98 - North American "PC Engine" games.

Air Zonk for the PC Engine / TurboGrafx 16 gaming system

· SuperGrafx - 6 - Everything works well.

· PC Engine CD - 23 - Just the top rated/ well knows games here. Includes six translations. Rondo is here yes.

· Sony PlayStation! - 89 - There are a lot of bangers here. Top rated and most popular. Everything you are wanting and expecting, plus a few you probably didn't know you wanted! Yes, you can switch discs.

· Daphne (LaserDisc) - 14 - Before you even ask, the answer is yes.

LaserDisc / Daphne Dragon's Lair ver. 2.1 The Princess Daphne

· Game & Watch - 59 - Not much to say here, if you know what this is, you know what to expect.

· Neo Geo Pocket - 9 - Everything works well.

· Neo Geo Pocket Color - 40- Everything works well.

· Vectrex - 38 - Nothing says fun more than vector graphic games! This works well by the way.

· WonderSwan - 110 - Everything works well.

· WonderSwan Color - 91 - Everything works well.

***Below are the arcade sets. They will generally work the same as the above consoles. Select will add a coin to the system, whereas Start will start the game.***

· Arcade - 1,918 - The bulk of the Arcade games. These are games that do not fit into one of the lower sets.

· MAME - 686 - These are arcade games like the above 'Arcade' list, but these are divided into a few different categories:

  • Atari
  • Data East
  • Irem
  • Konami
  • Light Gun
  • Midway
  • Namco
  • PlayChoice-10
  • Nintendo Vs.
  • Old School Classics
  • Taito
  • Williams

· Capcom Play System I - 32 - Runs off the Final Burn Alpha emulator.

· Capcom Play System II - 45 - Same as the CPS1.

· Capcom Play System III - 6 - Also the same as the CPS1.

· Neo Geo - 149 - Everything works well. Uses Final Burn Alpha emulator.

***Below are the computer sets, they will need a keyboard and mouse for the most part, unless otherwise noted. They are not as reliable as the above console and arcade sets, but they generally work for the most part.

· Amstrad CPC - 106 - Some can use a controller, most need keyboard. Most games take a while to load. This does not have video previews, only game-play images / boxart.

· Apple II - 942 - All the games I've tested load. Only tested with keyboard and a keyboard works. F10 to exit the game.

· Commodore 64 - 1,843 - Some can use a controller, most need keyboard. Most games take a while to load. The screen sometimes flashes or does weird things when the game loads.

· ColecoVision - 117 - Everything seems to work how it should.

· IntelliVision - 147 - Seems to work well.

· MSX - 623 - Seems to work well.

· MSX 2 - 158 - Seems to work well.

MSX2 Metal Gear 2 video game

· ScummVM - 134 - Point and click games, so you might want to think about using a mouse for these games, that is, unless you have some techno-telekinesis powers.

· Infocom Z-machine - 43 - TEXT ADVENTURES!!! Everything works well. Needs keyboard, and an imagination might help as well. These do not have video previews or images (they are text adventures...).

***The last little section here are playlists, they do not add any games, but are collections of specific games.***

· Role Playing Games (RPGs) - 119 - A whole lot of RPG amazingness!

· Space Fighters - 97 - They are arcade space fighter games. Only games from the arcade sets are here.

· All Games - If for some reason you want to peruse all the games on the SD card.

· Favorites - This is where you can add your favorite games for easy access.

· Last Played - In case you play a game you really enjoy and forget what game it was, these are your last played games.

· Custom Collections - This set actually consists of 22 different collections. All hand created by me. The 22 collections are:

  • Arcade - Beat'em Up
  • Arcade - Fighting
  • Arcade - Metal Slug
  • Arcade - Pac-Man (Puck Man)
  • Arcade - Pinball
  • Arcade - Racing
  • Arcade - Sports
  • Arcade - Street Fighter
  • Batman
  • Battletoads
  • Castlevania
  • Donkey Kong
  • Dragon Warrior/Quest
  • Final Fantasy
  • Legend of Zelda
  • Mario Platformers
  • Mega Man
  • Metroid
  • Pokemon
  • Sonic
  • TMNT (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)
  • Worst Games of All Time (Just for fun)

Retro Game Asylum's list of 'Worst Game of All Time'

Just a few quick notes:

If you notice a console that has the last game cut off, it isn't an actual game, I put a filler file so all the actual games will be shown and the filler file of mine will be what is cut off.
1) This has Kodi installed.
2) There is still enough room for saves and any other game related data.
3) The theme is customized by me off of a pre-installed theme. Switching themes is fine, but it won't look as good.
4) This runs off of Retropie (it is the Operating System). Retropie is community based as well as all the emulators. While I have this working extremely well, sometimes problems will arise with this and your Raspberry Pi. Note that this is EXTREMELY rare, but still something I want to point out. If this doesn't work, first check to make sure you have a correct power supply (5 volts, 2.5 amps). A typical phone charger isn't powerful enough.