15,000 games for Raspberry Pi
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15,500 games! RetroPie 4.6 for Raspberry Pi! 30 essential consoles! Box art for all games!

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This will ONLY work on the older Raspberry Pi 3. This will not work on the newer Pi 4.

This listing is only for the microSD card, you'll need to provide the Raspberry Pi 3 and controllers.

I went for aesthetics with this, it is clean, organized, and all the games have box art images and descriptions (at least 99.99% of the games). This is honestly my favorite SD card and the one I generally recommend. It only has what I want on it, and it looks sharp and clean. I have other SD cards with a lot more games (10x more+), but this SD card is for people who want aesthetics instead of quantity of games.

Just console and arcade games, totaling a little over 15,500 games!

This has been cleaned up substantially, I've gone through and cleaned up all the folders, deleted duplicated and non-game files.

· Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) - 1,750 - This is one of my favorites. This has a complete North American game set and a Europe set as well. On top of that, there are also a folder of games called "World and Others" that has the rest of the worlds games beside the two already listed (they are organized I might add), it also has some betas, prototypes, revisions, and translated games as well.

· Nintendo NES Classic Edition - 37 – There are 22 games that were released worldwide, 8 Japan exclusive, and 8 North America/ PAL exclusives. Why spend hundreds when you don't have to?

· Super Nintendo - 1,964 - Much like the NES when it comes to how the games are organized. One main folder with North American games, with a Europe folder and a "World and Others" folder as well.

· Nintendo SNES Classic Edition - 26 – There are 16 games that were released worldwide, 5 Japan exclusive, and 5 North America/ PAL exclusives.

· Game Boy - 1662 - Same folder structure as the NES and SNES, this time, however, there is a Japanese game folder since there isn't a main menu item for them.

· Game Boy Color - 1,462 - Same structure and layout as the Game Boy.

· Game Boy Advance - 949 - Everything works well. Due to size restraints, there are only English released games here.

· Nintendo 64 - 251 -  Most games work just fine, some lag a bit, a few are pretty bad. The emulator is getting better, but still has some issues. Most games will need a controller with an analog stick.

· Virtual Boy - 24 - Works well, but still might make your eyes bleed...

· Sega SG-1000 / Multivision - 165 - Most people don't realize Sega was making consoles and computers prior to the Genesis and Master System. This is one and it works well.

· SEGA Master System - 563 - Everything works well. Same layout as most of the Nintendo consoles. The main folder consists of North American games, then there is a Europe, Japan, and Others folder.

· SEGA Genesis / Mega Drive - 1,767 - Everything works well. Same as the Master System, same file layout.

· Game Gear - 410 - Everything works well. Full sets of North American games, Japanese games, and European games.

· Sega 32X - 36 - Everything works well. There are 36 official games, and five rom hack games.

· Atari 2600 - 662 - Everything works well. Sorted like you'd expect.

· Atari 7800 - 116 - Everything works well. Sorted like you'd expect.

· Atari Lynx - 90 - Everything works well. Sorted folders.

· TurboGrafx 16 / PC Engine - 419- Everything works well. Two sets, one main, North American, and a Japanese folder.

· SuperGrafx - 6- Everything works well. Emulator needs switched when going from TurboGrafx 16 to this and vice-versa.

· Neo Geo Pocket - 9 - Everything works well.

· Neo Geo Pocket Color - 175 - Everything works well.

· WonderSwan - 112 - Everything works well.

· WonderSwan Color - 95 - Everything works well.

***Below are the arcade emulators. They will generally work the same as the above consoles. Select will add a coin to the system, whereas Start will start the game.***

· AAE - 31 - This is a collection of old vector based arcade games, it does run off MAME, Select to add coins, and Start to start the game.

· Capcom Play System I - 75 - Runs off the Final Burn Alpha emulator. Select to add coins, and Start to start the game.

· Capcom Play System II - 40 - Same as the CPS1.

· Capcom Play System III - 6 - Same as the CPS1.

· MAME - 1,634 - This is the bulk of the arcade games, as you can see from the total games. This is the 'lite' version of MAME2003, (working romsets only. Does not include: clones, multiplay, romsets with rotary/dial/trackball/lightgun controls, or romsets classified as casino/quiz/mahjong/fruit machines/rhythm/mature). It will also only have one version of each game. So if a game has a two player and a four player version, it will only have the more stable of the two.

· Neo Geo - 150 - Everything works well. Only Neo Geo games, no other arcade games here. Uses Final Burn Alpha emulator.

· Nintendo Vs. System - 38 - Everything works. This is Nintendo's arcade machines, called Nintendo Vs. System. This runs off the MAME emulator, so Select to add coins, and Start to start the game.

· Nintendo PlayChoice 10 - 52 - Same as the Nintendo Vs. System, arcade machines produced by Nintendo. Will need a keyboard to start the game however.