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GPD XD Plus with 25,000 Games Included! Everything Installed and Ready to Play!

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This is fully fleshed out and ready for you to play! It will have all the emulators/apps installed, configured, and ready to go. All the games will be included, all you will need to do is... play! Over 25,000 classic games at the ready for you to dive in and start playing!

There are three different options to choose from. The difference between the three is the size of microSD card that comes with it, and the amount of games on each microSD card. See below for the console list of each option. The three sizes are, a 256gb microSD card, a 400gb microSD card, and the last is a 512gb microSD card.

I buy the emulators straight from the Google Play Store, and I don't use clones or copies of the emulators, I buy new ones every time in order to ensure you do not have issues with any of them. Once you have the device, they will be your own personal apps that you own. I will pick the best emulator for the console which are usually the premium option, but a few of the consoles just have free emulators so that is what I go with.

This list is the BASE list, all three options will have these sets. The 256gb option will ONLY have these next 22 sets:

  1. Arcade (MAME) - 3,554 Total Games. These are older arcade games (think 1990s and earlier arcade games).
  2. Atari 2600 - 660 Games. Early Atari home console, about as pixelated as your rembmer
  3. ColecoVision - 151 Games. A nice set of games here.
  4. Commodore 64 - 1,843 Games. This is a computer console, some of the games require keyboard inputs (most just the start the game), pressing the 'start' key brings up a virtual keyboard for you to use.
  5. MSX and MSX2 - 1,833 games. 787 MSX games, and 1,046 MSX2 games.
  6. Neo Geo Pocket and NGP Color - 183 games. Nine Neo Geo Pocket games, and 174 total Neo Geo Pocket Color games.
  7. Nintendo 64 - 252 Games. Majority run perfect, a small handful still lag.
  8. Nintendo DS - 150 Top Rated Games. Runs pretty well!
  9. NES and Famicom - 1,637 games. 681 North American NES games and 1,056 Famicom (Japanese) games.
  10. Game Boy Advance - 1772 games. 1,017 North American games, and 755 European games.
  11. Game Boy - 1,467 games. 698 North American games and 769 Japanese games.
  12. Game Boy Color - 1,246 games.768 North American games and 478 Japanese games.
  13. Super Nintendo and Super Famicom - 2,196 games. 733 North American games. 1,463 Japanese games.
  14. TurboGrafx 16 / PC Engine - 416 games. 114 North American games, 302 Japanese games.
  15. SEGA Dreamcast! - 53 top rated games! Tested and they all work! The majority of these run smoothly with no issues, a few have graphical anomalies, but do not affect the game play.
  16. Game Gear - 456 games. 291 North American games and 165 Japanese games.
  17. SEGA Master System - 422 games. 359 North American games and 63 Japanese games.
  18. SEGA Genesis / Mega Drive - 1059 games. 705 North American games and 354 Japanese games.
  19. Sony PlayStation (PS1)!! - 225 Top Rated Games. The Top rated and most popular games. Everything you want, and a few you didn't know you needed.
  20. Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP)!! - 30 Top Rated games! These are a little bigger than the others so not as many, still the top rated games here.
  21. WonderSwan / Color - 208 Games. These are mixed together (due to the emulator).
  22. Z-Machine - 43 Games. Because sometimes you just need a text adventure... Will use the touchscreen keyboard when needed.

This next list is the 400GB microSD card list. The 400gb and the 512gb option will have these sets:

  1. Japanese Game Boy Advance - 794 games. A full Japanese GBA set. 
  2. Japanese Nintendo 64 - 189 Games. A full Japanese N64 set.
  3. Sony PlayStation - 43 additional games. making the TOTAL count 268 Top Rated Games.
  4. Sony PSP - 164 additional games! Total for this SD card is: 194 Top Rated Games.
  5. Nintendo GameCube! - 10 Amazing Games. Ten top rated games! Still some lag, but the emulator/app is always getting worked on.

The next list is ONLY found on the 512GB microSD card option. Everything below here and everything above here is on the 512GB option.

  1. Nintendo GameCube! - 28 additional Games. Making the GameCube total game count 38! These are the cream of the crop; the BEST GameCube games!
  2. Nintendo 64 Rom-Hacks! - 53 rom hack Games. User/community created games here. Some good, some bad, and some ugly!
  3. SEGA Dreamcast! - 94 additional games! Making the Dreamcast grand total: 147 games!
  4. Sony PlayStation - 34 additional games, making the PlayStation grand total: 302 games!
  5. Sony PSP MINI - 297 games! These are all the PSP Mini games, think smart phone-type games that were for the PSP.
  6. NES Rom-Hacks! - 2,543 Game More awesome rom-hacks for you to mess around with!
  7. SNES Rom-Hacks! - 710 Games. Ever heard of Kaizo Mario? If not, it is quite the rabbit hole to jump down. Be careful and watch out for hidden blocks...
  8. SuperGrafx - 6 Games. These will be with the TurboGrafx 16 games.

A few things that need noted:

If there are multiple sets for one console (think the NES has the NES, Famicom, and rom hacks), they will all use the same emulator. With that being said, however, I will still try my best to keep the games organized and each sub-console in their own folder.

Rom-Hacks are games that have been altered to make different from the original. People take normal games, and add things to make them different. Sometimes these are fixing some bugs in the game, some are adding new elements to the game, some are completely changing the game. Some of these are truly amazing!

The GameCube and PSP emulators is somewhat hit or miss. Some of the games run fine, and some lag. The emulators are still getting worked on and as it gets updated, the games that have issues should slowly start working better.

I stated this above, but a few of these emulators are free from the Play Store, such as the MAME and Z-Machine emulators. The reasoning behind this, these are the only emulators for the console, or are truly the best option. If there ever becomes a better paid version, then I will switch to the paid emulator.

This is an Android device, so all the games from the Google Play Store can be put on here, all the apps in general, not just the games. Mobile PUBG or Fortnight with a controller, or Among Us anybody?

It will generally take a week and a half after ordering for me to get this shipped, I make sure everything is functioning pristine before shipping it to you. This is WELL worth the wait however! If you want one and I am sold out, just send me a message and see where I am at and I can probably get you one going.

This has stock Android OS installed; I do not install custom firmware by default. If you want CleanROM installed, send me an email and we can work something out.