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Complete Nintendo 64 set for the Krikzz Everdrive-64! Sixty-Four bit haven!

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This is pretty simple to use. Insert the microSD card into you EverDrive-64 or EverDrive-64 X series (X5 or X7), then insert the EverDrive cartridge into your Nintendo 64 and turn it on.

This if for the microSD card ONLY. You will need to supply your own EverDrive cartridge. To my knowledge, every version of the N64 EverDrive uses a microSD card, so this is only available on a microSD card, if you need this on a normal SD card, let me know and I can get one setup for you.

I have only tested this on an OFFICIAL Krikzz EverDrive-64. Please do not buy this unless you have an official Krikzz product (buying official is well worth it).

This will come with a complete Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) set as well since the EverDrive-64 supports these games.

The total game count for this is XXXXX games.

The games are sorted as follows:

US - A-M - 160 games in this folder.
US - N-Z - 144 games.

Total US released games is 304

Europe - A-Z - 245 European N64 games.
Japan - A-Z - 201 Japanese N64 games.

64DD Disk Drive - 16 games and a handful of 'Dev Tools'
Aleck 64 Arcade Hardware - 10 games.

NES - 1,693 games! A complete 1g1r set! (make sure your EverDrive supports the NES emulator)

Betas, Prototypes, Revisions, Unlicensed - 128 games.
Hacks - 153 games.
Homebrew - 43 games
Translations - 12 games

Tools & Service Test Carts - 5 games

There are 1,117 total N64 games here.