Retron 5 directions

Retron 5 Instructions:

  1. Plug the SD card into the back of the Retron 5 and power it on. The SD card will stick out of the console about half way, so do not try and force it all the way in.
  2. You will need to insert an actual game cartridge into the Retron 5 depending on what you want to play. If you want to play a Super Nintendo game off the SD card, you will need a physical SNES or Super Famicom game, only one and it does not matter what one it is. 
  3. After you have the physical game inserted and the Retron is done scanning in, go to ‘Game Menu’ on the Retron 5’s user interface.
  4. From here select the ‘Game Specific Settings’ menu.
  5. ‘Select Patch’ menu is next.
  6. This will bring up the SD card’s files. Just maneuver to the correct folder, find the game you want and select it.
  7. This is probably the most important step. After you select a game, make sure the option ‘Separate saves for patch’ is on. This needs to be on or the game will not load, or it will get hung up on a black screen. If this happens you can press the home button on the controller to get you back home. 
  8. Back out of the menu until you get back to the Retron 5’s main menu and select ‘Play’
  9.  Have fun!
  10.  Side note, do not, under any circumstances save the rom's save data to the game cartridge. 

The way this works is the Retron 5 'patches' the game from the SD card onto the physical game. There will not be any weird effects from this patching method, the games on the SD card will run smooth and normal.

For the Sega Master System, Sega Game Gear, and SG-1000, you will need the Retron 5's 3-in-1 adapter, as well as their respective games. 

There are two ways to 'save' your game progress. First, saves will work how they normally would in the game, if the game supports saves, you will be able to save. With this method, think of the many RPG games that you can save your progress. The second method to save is to utilize the Retron 5's save-state feature. This is a Retron 5 feature and can be used for any game on the SD card. On the Retron 5 controller, press the Retron/Home button to bring up the console's game menu where you can use the save states. Each game can have up to ten different saves, and you can cycle through and load them. Save states can be used at any point of the game.

I am methodical when it comes to my projects, this is no exception. I have tested this pretty extensively and it works to the best of my abilities. The only real issue I had was with the SG-1000 being a little glitchy; it could have been my physical game, or the roms, I don't have another game to test it with. On rare occasions the GameBoy consoles do not always work, updating the Retron system could fix this problem

Please note that you might need to update your Retron 5's firmware if you have an early model of a Retron 5. This is relatively easy and the directions can be found at (

The firmware files are already on the SD card, they are in a .zip file.