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Over 7,000 games for the Krikzz Mega Everdrive Pro! Everything Sega you'd ever want!

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This is pretty simple to use. Insert the SD card into you Everdrive, then insert the Everdrive cartridge into your Sega Genesis / Mega Drive, and turn it on.

This if for the SD card ONLY. You will need to supply your own Everdrive cartridge.

This has the 'Mega EverDrive PRO' firmware installed and ready to go. I do have other firmware if you have an older model or the Mega Everdrive X# (X3, X5, or X7); it is easy to switch firmware.

There are two options here, a regular sized SD card for the Mega EverDrive Pro, and the second option is a microSD card for the Everdrive X7, X5, or X3.

The total game count for this is 7,082 games.

The games are sorted as follows:

· US- 707 – Four olers for the entire North American set.

· Europe – 513 - Four sub-folders. Includes Europen 32x games.

· Japan - 412 – Two sub-folders for all Japanese Mega Drive games.

· Other Regions – Nine smaller regions here.

· Sega 32X – This has the North American set, the Japanese set, and Homebrew, Hacks, and Prototypes as well. 90 total titles

· Sega Master System - 686 – Very fleshed out system, organized much the same was as the Genesis/Mega Drive games

· Sega SG-1000 – 103 games in one folder.

There are also 12 other main folders ranging from Unlicensed, Hacks, Homebrew, Translations, and other similar folders. All are organized and ready for you to start playing!

If you buy this and it does not work on your cartridge, I will ask for proof of you using an official Krikzz before issuing a refund or replacement. I am sorry for this, but the clones do not work even remotely as good, spend a little extra and buy an official Krikzz. Note that everything is organized extremely well. Each of the folders listed below have even more folders for convince, so you don't have to scroll through a list of thousands of games to find the one you want.