NES EverDrive games! over 5,600 games for the N8, N8 Pro, or N8 Famicom!

NES EverDrive games! over 5,600 games for the N8, N8 Pro, or N8 Famicom!

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This is pretty simple to use. Insert the SD card into you Everdrive-N8, N8 Pro, or N8 Famicom, then insert the N8 it into your NES or Famicom and turn it on, the arrow keys will move through the menu, the B button is to select, and the A button is to go back. When you select a game you can Load and Play to start the game.

Please note there are two different options here, a normal sized SD card, and a microSD card. Know which one you need before ordering.

I have only tested this on an OFFICIAL Krikzz EverDrives. Please do not buy this unless you have an official Krikzz N8, N8 Pro, or N8 Famicom.

If you buy this and it does not work on your cartridge, I will ask for proof of you using an OFFICIAL Krikzz before issuing a refund or replacement. I am sorry for this, but the clones do not work even remotely as good, spend a little extra and buy an official Krikzz.

Note that everything is organized extremely well. Each of the folders listed below have even more folders for convince, so you don't have to scroll through a thousand games to find the one you want.


The games are sorted as follows:

· Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) - 681 - This is the meat and potatoes. This has a complete North American game set.

· NES Europe - 311 – European NES games. Also referred to as PAL games.

· NES Others - 758 – This has the rest of the worlds games beside the two already listed (minus Japan) (they are organized I might add as well), it also has some betas, prototypes, revisions, and translated games as well.

· Nintendo NES Classic Edition - 37 – There are 22 games that were released worldwide, 8 Japan exclusive, and 8 North America/ PAL exclusives.

· Nintendo NES Rom Hacks! - 2,534 – User/Community created games. These are generally modeled after a preexisting game that has some form of user created modifications. These modifications (hacks) can range from simple tweaks to make the game better, to making an entirely new game from a pre-existing game! There are 103 different game folders here, ranging from the game 1942 to Zippy Race. There is a file for Homebrew games, Unlicensed games, and 'others' as well.

· Famicom (Family Computer) – 1,054 – Sorted alphabetically by folder, so 27 different folders organized. Japanese 'NES' games.

· Famicom Disk System - 265 - A Japanese exclusive console that has Famicom/NES games on disks, somewhat like a 3.5 inch floppy disk. There is a folder of Unlicensed, Betas, and Alternate games here as well. This will only work with the EverDrive N8 Pro or the EverDrive N8 Famicom.


This will come with the EverDrive N8 / N8 Famicom firmware ready by default. If you have the N8 Pro, the firmware will be in a zip file, you will need to switch them out.

Sometimes the EverDrive's driver needs changed to work with your model of NES. To do this just press the Reset  button several time. I will provide better and more specific directions with the actual SD card.

Famicom version of cart requires Famicom to NES adapter to be used with NES. The NES version of cart requires NES to Famicom adapter to be used with Famicom