Krikzz Everdrive GBA X5 with over 15,000 games

microSD card for the Everdrive-GBA X5!!! Card with over 3,000 GBA games and over 15K total games!

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This is pretty simple to use. Insert the microSD card into you Everdrive-GBA X5, then insert the Everdrive-GBA X5 into your GameBoy Advance and turn it on, the arrow keys will move through the menu, the A button is to select, and the B button is to go back. When you select a game you can Load and Play to start the game.

This if for the microSD card ONLY. You will need to supply your own Everdrive-GBA X5.

I have only tested this on an OFFICIAL Krikzz Everdrive-GBA X5. Please do not buy this unless you have an official Krikzz product.


The games are sorted as follows:

· USA (GBA) - 937 - There are five different folders here to separate the almost 1,000 games. Complete North American Game Boy Advance set.

· Europe (GBA) - 655– European GBA games. Also referred to as GBA PAL games. Sorted into three folders.

· Japan (GBA) - 853 – Five folders here. Japanese GBA games.

· Multi-Game Carts- 38 – These are the '2-in-1' games. One game file, but that have multiple games on it.

· GBA Unlicensed - 41 – A handful of unlicensed GBA games.

· Virtual Console & Advance Play Edition - 104 – GBA games from the Wii Virtual Console and Advance Play Editions.

· Beta, Prototypes, Revisions – 73 – This is as its name implies.

· Color Restorations – 20 – Doesn't quite fit into the Hacked folder, just color corrections.

· GBA Video – 41 – This is the set of TV shows and Movies released for the GBA.

· Hacks - 205 - Game Boy Advance rom hacks. Generally alterations, changes, and/or modifications of preexisting GBA games.

· Homebrew - 36- User/community created games.


This next section are non-GBA games. These can be played using an emulator on the microSD card. The emulators are already installed and you will not need to do anything to get these working. The folders here will be structured the same way as the GBA games. For example, there will be a USA, Europe, Japan, Rom Hacks, etc. etc..

· GameBoy and GameBoy Color - 4,339 – Complete sets organized by the two different consoles. If you want a more in-depth description, you can check out my Game Boy Everdrive listing.

· Nintendo NES and Famicom - 5,799 – Same as you'd expect, quite a few different options. If you want a more in-depth description, you can check out my Everdrive N8 listing.

· Sega Game Gear - 500+ – Complete sets organized into seven different folders.

· Sega Master System and SG-1000 - 1,300+ – Same as the other consoles, organized like you'd expect.

If you buy this and it does not work on your cartridge, I will ask for proof of you using an official Krikzz before issuing a refund or replacement. I am sorry for this, but the clones do not work even remotely as good, spend a little extra and buy an official Krikzz (if you need one send me a message because I might have some in stock). Note that everything is organized extremely well. Each of the folders listed below have even more folders for convince, so you don't have to scroll through a list of thousands of games to find the one you want.