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Retron 5 SD card (16gb) LOADED with over 14,500 games, Plug in and start playing!

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All of these are complete classic game sets, so every game released on each of these consoles is here, at least per region as described below. These are the actual games that were released for the systems, not phony knock offs. 

All your retro gaming needs on one SD card!

All you need to do is own one physical game cartridge of the system you want to play off the SD card; just one cartridge will let you play all the games from that console.

Suppose you own the physical copy of Bubble Bobble for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), all you need to do is plug Bubble Bobble in and all the games  on my SD card  for the NES will work. The same rules apply for every other console. One physical copy of a  Game Boy Color game will allow you to play all of the Game Boy Color games off of the SD card.

The way this  works is the Retron 5 'patches' the game from the SD card onto the physical game. There is no weird effects  from this patching method, the games on the SD card will run smooth and normal. For the Sega Master System,  Sega Game Gear, and SG-1000, you will need the Retron 5's 3-in-1 adapter, as well as their respective cartridge games.  


Interested in a 32gb SD card with more games, I have a 32gb card with even more games!


**This is for a 16GB SD card ONLY! There is no system here, just the microSD card.

1. Classic NES – 37 games – Works with a NES cartridge. Has all three regions, NTSC, PAL, and NTSC-J.

2. Classic SNES – 26 games – Works with a SNES cartridge. Has all three regions, NTSC, PAL, and NTSC-J.

3. Game Boy – 507 games – Works with either a Game Boy or Game Boy Color cartridge. (North American games)

4. Game Boy Europe – 191 – European Game Boy games.

5. Game Boy Japan – 768 – Japanese Game Boy games.

6. Game Boy Others – 195 – Ranges from betas, translated, hacked games, and other regions of the world.

7. Game Boy Color – 448 – Works with either a Game Boy Color or a Game Boy cartridge. (North American games)

8. Game Boy Advance – 1,017 – Only works with Game Boy Advance cartridges. (North American games)

9. Game Boy Color Europe – 320 – European Game Boy Color games.

10. Gamy Boy Color Japan – 479 – Japanese Game Boy Color games.

11. Game Boy Color Others – 222 – Ranges from betas, translated, hacked games, and other regions of the world.

12. Nintendo Famicom – 1,061 – Japanese ‘NES’ games. Works with a NES or Famicom cartridge.

13. Nintendo NES – 690 – Nintendo Entertainment System games. Works with NES or Famicom cartridge. North American released games.

14. Nintendo NES Europe – 311 – European NES games.

15. Nintendo NES Hacks! – 2,534 hacks – Sorted into 104 folders of different games. Also has Homebrew and Unlicensed games.

16. Nintendo NES Others – 749 – Ranges from betas, translated, Prototypes games, and other regions of the world.

17. Nintendo SNES – 755 – North American released SNES games, Works with SNES and Super Famicom cartridges.

18. Nintendo SNES Europe – 535 – European released SNES games.

19. Nintendo Super Famicom – 1,449 – Japanese ‘SNES’ games. Works with either SNES or Super Famicom game cartridge.

20. Sega Genesis – 733 – North American Sega Genesis games, works with Genesis / Mega Drive cartridges.

21. Sega Mega Drive Europe – 257 – European Mega Drive / Genesis games.

22. Sega Game Gear – 258 – Needs the Retron 3-in-1 adapter to play, works with Game Gear cartridges.

23. Sega Game Gear Europe – 64 – European Sega Game Gear games.

24. Sega Game Gear Japan – 171 – Japanese released Game Gear games.

25. Sega Master System – 115 games – Needs the Retron 3-in-1 adapter to play, uses Master System cartridges.

26. Sega Master System Europe – 182 – European Master System games.

27. Sega Master System Japan – 63 – Japanese Master System Games.

28. Sega Master System Others – 200 games – Ranges from betas, revisions, rom hack games, and other regions of the world.

29. Sega SG-1000 – 165 games – Needs the 3-in-1 Retron adapter.

As you can see, I organized all the games quite well. Instead of having all the Game Boy games in one folder, I have them divided into many different folders for better organization.

You can put the cheats on, but they do not work the way they should. The way the roms work is the Retron 5 'patches' the game from the SD card over the physical cartridge and when you use cheats, the Retron 5 will base the cheats off the physical cartridge game, not the loaded 'patch' game. So in order to use cheats, you will have to edit the cheat file and replace the physical game cheats with the 'patched' game cheats. You would have to do this for every 'patch' game you want to play with cheats.

* Please note that you might need to update your Retron 5's firmware if you have an early model  of a Retron 5. 99.9% of the problems with this SD card come from your Retron 5 needing its firmware updated.